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Barbara Kruger, Belief Doubt

As part of an initiative to bring art to new sites within and around the Hirshhorn Museum, roughly a year ago the museum installed Barbara Kruger’s Belief+Doubt exhibit to fill the Lower Level lobby and extend into the newly relocated bookstore. The supersized words that have increasingly become Kruger’s trademark, create an environment that surrounds the viewer with language. The walls, floors, and escalators are all wrapped in text-printed vinyl that address themes of consumerism and power. The exhibit will continue through December 2014.

For Apple, “change” no longer refers to revolution. It refers to fashion. Apple is becoming more like Prada and less like Edison.

This has been the case for some time, it was just harder to notice as the iPhone was undergoing large-scale adoption. But in retrospect, Steve Jobs’s keynotes functioned more like catwalks than like product demos. And the Apple Store has always been a boutique as much as an electronics shop.

But now that Jobs is gone, we can see this shift from futurism to fashion more clearly. Take this week’s iPhone announcements. Instead of promising change and revolution, the iPhone 5C offers itself “For the colorful,” a slogan we’d be more likely to see from Benetton or J. Crew than from Apple. The company (maybe we should start calling it a “label”) is releasing a new line, seasonally, and needs to train its audience to feel increasingly comfortable dropping hundreds of dollars each season. The “change” in question is not regime change, but a change between tennis at the club and dinner downtown.


Before The Fall…

Trading places. Men, do you feel objectified yet?



there are some really big creative fucks in this world. i really liked this. 


absolutely amazing!








The many faces of rape.

This makes me sick to my stomach. 

People walked by and laughed while he forced himself on me…

“A girl can’t rape another girl.”

These women are my HEROS, to take a stand and put it out there.  

This is the only way we will get past this rape accepting mind set our society seems to be stuck in.

These women are Beautiful & Invincible

this actually makes me so sick to the stomach. why does this exist in the world

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